We wrote these songs thinking of helping children to learn vocabulary and grammatical expressions. We used attractive themes for children: greetings, numbers, months of the year, food, body parts, days of the week, nature.

Songs have different rhythms: Cha-cha-cha, foxtrot, rumba, habanera, rock & roll, swing, ballad, waltz.
All songs include besides the text, the score for piano and chords for the guitar.

Students repeat vocabulary and phrases. The songs promote learning entertaining and fun for students. They encourage correct pronunciation and fluency while increasing their vocabulary.

Students remember the songs, many move to the beat of the music they enjoy singing. They will soon have a repertoire of tunes that they can sing in groups. The songs, in addition to teaching, help to make the learning experience more enjoyable.
We hope you like them

The Musinautas

Click on the image and you will hear the song, click on the number and you can watch the notes.